A gnarled old jamun tree. signposted- and futilely fenced off- is a tourist attraction near Kodai Lake. The Vattakanal Conservation Trust has identified these trees as significant elements of the last shola rainforests. 

Tower built by Forest Office to monitor the forest. Public is allowed to see the forest from this Tower.

A scienic view point over cliffs. Also the site of a monument mentioning Sir Thomas Moir, who “turned the first sod” (beginning construction in 1929) of the “Goschen Road” (completed by 1932) which joins the Kodaikanal – Lake Berijam road here. The … Read More

Kodaikanal Golf Club came in to existence on June 17, 1895, it is laid over natural grasslands and is criss-crossed by streams. Located about 6 kms from the centre of town on the road to pillar rocks. Total length of the course is 6426 yards.
The fun … Read More

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