Perumal Peak, Kodaikanal


Perumal Peak, Kodaikanal

Perumal Peak, situated at about 11 km from Kodaikanal, is a preferred spot for trekking enthusiasts. Situated at an elevation of 2,440 m, Perumal Peak is the highest peak in Perumal Malai hills. Snuggled in the Western Ghats, this peak offers an excellent view of Nilgiri Hills and the surrounding Western Ghats. Few locals here say that the peak was once a volcano and it had stopped erupting 1000 years ago.
The trekking path leading to the top of the peak is safe and is considered an easy trek, even for beginners. The trekking trail starts at Neutral Saddle near Perumal Mallai, a small village at the base of the peak. Though part of the forest area, there are no restrictions for hiking here and anyone can trek the peak without permission from the Forest Department.
It takes about four hours to climb up and down the peak. The best time for trekking with the whole family is from the months January to May during which the weather remains pleasant. Trekking during monsoon can be fun, but risky due to leeches and essential precautionary measures have to be taken.
Taxi services are also available for people who cannot climb the peak.

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